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ID Cards for Pretend Play


This Pretend Play ID Cards set includes 8 pages of creatively designed ID cards, made specifically for young explorers from preschool to kindergarten. Each card is crafted to ignite the imagination, enabling kids to step into various roles, from a daring firefighter to a brilliant rocket scientist.

Perfect for little learners, this set not only promises endless fun but also a unique educational experience, making it an essential tool for both play and learning at this pivotal stage of development.

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Encourage imaginative play and skill development with my printable ID cards for Pretend Play Set designed for pre-K to kindergarten-aged children. This set includes 8 pages of pretend ID cards featuring exciting roles such as FBI agent, driver’s license holder, secret agent, nurse, doctor, space explorer, rocket scientist, CIA agent, firefighter, and police officer.

Key Features of ID Cards for Pretend Play

  • Diverse Role Cards: From law enforcement to healthcare and outer space exploration, this set offers a variety of role-playing opportunities.
  • Educational: Helps children learn about different professions and develop social and cognitive skills through imaginative play.
  • Realistic Design: Each ID card is designed to resemble a real-life professional ID, sparking creativity and immersion in pretend play scenarios.


  • Promotes Pretend Play: Encourages children to engage in imaginative play scenarios, fostering creativity and storytelling skills.
  • Skill Development: Enhances social, communication, and problem-solving skills as children take on different roles and interact with others.
  • Learning Through Play: Introduces children to various professions and roles in a fun and interactive way, expanding their knowledge and understanding.
  • Entertainment and Education: Provides hours of entertainment while playfully facilitating learning and skill development.

Ideal for young children who love to role-play and explore different professions, these ID cards offer a fun and educational way to engage in imaginative play. Watch as your child’s creativity and social skills flourish with this exciting and versatile playset.

It’s a great addition to any child’s toy collection, perfect printable for homeschooling kids or even during casual playdates. Unlock a world of imagination and learning with these printable ID cards for Pretend Play!


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