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  • The Unorganized Homeschool Mom Homeschool PlannerThe Unorganized Homeschool Mom Homeschool Planner

    The Unorganized Mom Printable Homeschool Planner


    To my fellow homeschool mom: does any of the following sound familiar to you?

    When tears are flowing from the math book…

    When your child keeps falling off their chair…

    When pencils need to be endlessly sharpened… school is just not going your way.

    No one is doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

    You’re tired and overwhelmed.

    Why did you think the new year was going to be any different?

    Do you have a routine? Are you keeping to a schedule?

    When your kids know what to tackle, they know there’s an end in sight. Or else they think school is going to go on forever.

    Perhaps, you like to fly by the seat of your pants or you just never found a planner that worked for you.

    Just wait and see what I have for you.

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  • Sale! The Unorganized Mom Homeschool Planning BundleThe Unorganized Homeschool Mom Homeschool Planner

    The Unorganized Mom Homeschool Planning Bundle


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  • Sale!

    Homeschool Planning Bundle


    Homeschool Planning for the Unorganized Mom eBook + Planner

    • Homeschooling Planning for the Unorganized Mom eBook
    • A complete homeschool planner for your homeschool (200+ pages)
    • It’s not dated so you don’t have to buy a new one each year
    • It uses a 2 page layout with lots of room to write

    This is a digital product, no physical product will be shipped.

    • X – not responsible for making your kids actually want to do their work 😉

    For only $15

  • The Unorganized Homeschool Mom Planner


    Homeschool moms, is this you?

    You worry that your lack of organization skills will impede your ability to truly make the best of homeschooling your children.

    You know that flying by the seat of your pants isn’t going to cut it, but you don’t like the idea of having your entire life scheduled out down to the minute.

    You have a stack of free homeschool planning pages on your desk that haven’t been filled out.

    You have piles of paper or notebooks on your desk from your attempt to organize your homeschool schedule.

    You are overwhelmed with all of the planning, homeschool curriculum and

    In short- you are stressed out, overwhelmed, and afraid of failing as a homeschool mom.

    The planner includes a variety of printables that will help you:

    ~Keep track of important dates
    ~Create a list of curriculum materials you want to purchase
    ~Keep an inventory of the curricula you own
    ~Plan unit studies
    ~Create a reading list
    ~Plan field trips
    ~Brainstorm extracurricular activities
    ~Create weekly and monthly homeschool plans
    ~Plan meals for your family
    ~Keep track of your household budget
    ~ Schedule self-care time

    The goal of this planner is to help you to reduce or completely eliminate your sense of overwhelm about homeschooling. When you have a viable system in place, everyone benefits! You go into each day feeling confident and stress-free because you already have a plan for what is going to happen. You start the day with a great plan and it’s easy for you to carry out because you’ve planned ahead. You have materials and books ready, all you need are the kids.

    I don’t have a fancy colored printed so this planner is great for those of us that don’t need to print in color. If you’re looking for something colorful, you’ll need to wait a bit longer, I’m working on one.

    Get the eBook and the planner in one bundle for only $15

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    New Homeschooler Bundle


    Are you a new homeschooler and worried about this huge journey you’re about to take? No worries, I have the answer to you. Grab this new homeschool bundle to get your homeschool questions answered and get you started with your homeschool planning.

    This is a mega bundle that will give you access to the following.

    The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Questions

    Get all of your beginning homeschooling questions so you’re sure you are on the right path and to set your fears at ease.

    Homeschool Planning for the Unorganized Mom

    Homeschool planning did not come naturally to me, I was flying by the seat of my pants and it was not working. Get homeschool planning help when you don’t know where to start.

    The Unorganized Mom Homeschool Planner

    Get your homeschool plans laid out in this 2 page spread planner with plenty of room to write.

    **This is a digital product that is available for sale**


  • Homeschool planner little kids editionHomeschool planner little kids edition

    Homeschool Planner: Little Kids Edition


    If you need help getting your child on a routine or schedule, this is for you.

    If your kids need help figuring out what is expected of them, this is for you.

    If you’re tired of repeating the same things over each day, this is for you.

    Come up with a system that will help you kids know what to expect each day with a fun visual schedule to get your young kids on track.

  • Student Planner Pages: Cats Theme

    Student Planner Pages: Cats Theme


    If you have cat lovers, your kids will love this Student Planner Pages: Cats Theme! Help your students get more organized for the school year with this 50-pages undated planner that can be used again each year. It includes a daily schedule with both task lists and a timed schedule based on your preference.

    Perfect for kids grades 1 to 3.

    **This is a digital product, no physical items will be shipped.**