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Junior Scientist Science Study: Whales


Introducing the Junior Scientist Science Study: Whales – an exciting and educational resource that captivates and inspires young learners! This comprehensive set of printable worksheets is perfect for homeschooling kids in grades 1 to 3 who are curious about the fascinating world of whales. With 45 pages of engaging and age-appropriate activities, this science study offers an in-depth exploration of whale anatomy, habitat, behavior, and much more.

These meticulously designed worksheets are crafted to help children develop a deeper understanding of these majestic marine mammals and the important role they play in our ecosystem.

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This Junior Scientist Science Study: Whales is a reliable and comprehensive resource that is suitable for learners of all levels. It’s been carefully created to meet and exceed educational standards, encouraging children to develop scientific skills such as observation, analysis, and critical thinking.

Through a variety of fun-filled activities, such as dot letter tracing, cut and paste activity, labeling activity, and I-spy game, children will learn about the different types of whales, their physical characteristics, and their unique adaptations. They’ll also discover how whales communicate, migrate, and feed, as well as the current challenges they face in the wild.

What’s included in the Whales Learning Pack:

  • Whale facts
  • Different types of whales
  • Parts of a whale
  • Tracing vocabulary sheets — both manuscript and cursive
  • Full-color illustrations
  • Black-and-white illustrations
  • Labeling worksheets
  • Whale word search
  • Dot a letter worksheets
  • Folding booklet activity
  • and more!

Whether you’re homeschooling your child or simply looking for a unique and informative resource to supplement their learning, This Junior Scientist Science Study: Whales is a perfect choice! With its approachable, informative, and confident tone of voice, children will develop a lifelong love of learning that will extend beyond the walls of their classroom. Get your copy now!


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