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Doctor Pretend Play Pack

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Welcome to the world of pretend play! The Doctor Pretend Play Pack is a great way to bring homeschool learning to life in a fun and educational way. Every parent knows that doctor pretend play has untold benefits – especially for aspiring doctors!

Now, your little one can explore medical science with 12 pages of doctor-related activities tailored specifically for children from kindergarten to grade 2.

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Will your little one be a pediatrician? A cardiologist? An ER doctor? With the Doctor Pretend Play Pack, they’ll get to explore all these possibilities and more!

This pretend play pack offers something for every young learner. Specially curated for fun but also designed to help kids understand basic medical concepts like anatomy and learn proper terms related to running a doctor’s clinic or visits to the hospital and brings so many benefits to homeschooling.

Through pretend play, children can develop social and cognitive skills. They can practice decision-making and problem-solving while honing their communication skills through role-playing. Pretend play also helps them to better understand the world around them – what it means to have a job like a doctor or nurse, for example.

By playing doctor, your little ones can better appreciate why people go see their healthcare professional when they are feeling unwell or simply need help being healthy. From patient charts to prescription sheets to doctor’s order forms – this play pack has all you need to run a pretend doctor’s clinic into reality in an engaging and creative way.

So don’t just read facts about doctors – let your kids experience being a doctor with this pretend play pack! With its friendly design, it makes learning loads of fun whilst guiding children through future medical understanding.

This Doctor Pretend Play Pack includes:

  • Patient Information Sheet
  • Snellen Chart
  • Prescription Form
  • Doctor’s Order Form
  • Clinic Signages
  • Posters
  • and more!

Your child is sure to love observing pretend plays about doctors at home or adapting them for different settings throughout their learning journey. Get ready for hours of imaginative fun and education with the Doctor Pretend Play Pack!


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