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Homeschool Planner: Little Kids Edition


If you need help getting your child on a routine or schedule, this is for you.

If your kids need help figuring out what is expected of them, this is for you.

If you’re tired of repeating the same things over each day, this is for you.

Come up with a system that will help you kids know what to expect each day with a fun visual schedule to get your young kids on track.

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Introducing The Unorganized Planner: Little Kids Edition

You may be familiar with The Unorganized Homeschool Planner for Moms, and now there is one available for your little kids! This 50+ page planner is packed with everything you and your kids need to stay organized year after year. Beyond having a super-cute cover page, you’ll also find the following templates:

  • quarter-year planning/note pages
  • blank monthly calendar pages for the entire year
  • unit study planning page
  • weekly planning pages
  • daily planning pages
  • homeschool schedule pages
  • activity cards
  • educational task cards
  • daily routine cards
  • chore charts
  • chore progress cards
  • chore task cards

More About this Resource

Quarter-Year Planning & Note Pages

There are three months listed per page, with boxes big enough for taking notes and planning your year a quarter at a time. These pages are perfect for jotting down unit study topic ideas to do each month, field trips to take, and any important dates and events.

Blank Monthly Calendar Pages

Beginning with July, each month has a pretty border (four different styles available: zig zag, polka dots, checkered, and Aztec) and matching color layout. The design is in the landscape layout so maximize page space, giving you lots of room to write in each box.

Unit Study Planning Page

Easily plan out your unit studies with space to note topic, books to read, supplies to get, activities to do, and videos/documentaries to watch. Keep all unit study information conveniently on one page!

Weekly Planning Pages

Whether you like to see your entire week laid out with the weekend included, or homeschool plan with Monday through Friday visible only – you’ll enjoy two different weekly layouts. One includes the weekend and space to takes notes. The other template has a Monday through Friday spread. Both are in landscape format.

Daily Planning Pages

Plan your days with ease by giving each activity a time. The daily planning pages start at 6:00am and end at 9:00pm. There are two different templates to choose from.

Homeschool Schedule Pages

Keep your homeschool schedule at bay with printable pages for each child. There are also educational and schedule-related task cards to use so your children will know what to do and when. Cards available are:

  •  Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • History
  • Morning Work
  • Music
  • Calendar Time
  • Computer
  • Journal
  • Library
  • Read Aloud
  • Lunch, Snack, Recess
  • and more!

These cards are available in color and black and white.

Daily Routine Cards

Having a daily routine is one of the keys to having successful homeschool days. Use the daily routine cards in the little kids homeschool planner to help your kids keep track of what to do on a daily basis. They can also be used to help your kids learn important life skills. Cards included are:

  • Bath Time
  • Story Time
  • Bedtime
  • Comb Your Hair
  • Get Dressed
  • Make the Bed
  • and more!

These cards come in two styles, color, and black and white.

The Unorganized Planner: Little Kids Edition is your one-stop product for helping your kids learn how to manage time, complete tasks, and stay organized in the process. The best part is it’s reusable year after year!



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