Printable Christmas Learning Activities Bundle

Printable Christmas Learning Activities Bundles

Fun Engaging Hands-on Activities Your Kids Will Love

christmas-printables-bundle You’re looking forward to the holidays, your mother
in law will be visiting, or you have plans to travel to your family with 3 kids and you need time to prep.

Your kids are looking forward to the holidays and let’s face it, so are you. Your kids are thinking about Christmas, presents and hot chocolate, not school.

Bring Christmas into your homeschool and make it a part of every day in December.

Fun Activities for Each day in December


From counting activities and puzzles to addition, subtraction, patterning activities and more.


From letter recognition and fun alphabet puzzles to writing worksheets and more.

Fine Motor

From lacing cards, tracing and cutting activities in a fun Christmas theme won’t make it seem like school at all.

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Math, Writing and Fine Motor Christmas Fun!


Christmas Learning Activities to Make Learning Fun

Christmas Counting Cards-1-2

Addition & Subtraction Cards

Addition and subtraction cards up to 15 – includes black and white version

Christmas Place Value Puzzles-3

Place Value Puzzles

Match up numbers with their correct place values all the way up to 100.

Christmas Time Puzzles-3

Time Puzzles

Learn to tell time from every hour, to the half hour, and 5-minute intervals.

Christmas Letter Find Printables

A to Z Letter Find

Match up lower and uppercase letters in both print and cursive letters.

What’s Included?

  • Christmas Learning Pack (value $9.99)
  • Christmas Addition Puzzles (value $3.99)
  • Christmas Addition and Subtraction Cards (value $2.99)
  • Christmas Color by Addition (value $2.99)
  • Christmas Place Value Puzzles up to 100 (value $3.99)
  • Christmas Time Puzzles (value $4.99)
  • Christmas A to Z Letter Find – Print and Cursive (value $3.99)

Total $33 now only $14.99

Simple to Use and Easy to Understand Printables

Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners

Printable Christmas Learning Activities Bundle

Only $14.99
  • 150+ pages of printable math, writing and fine motor activities
  • A to Z Letter Find – Print and Cursive
  • Time Puzzles
  • Place Value Puzzles
  • Addition & Subtraction Cards
  • Addition Puzzles
  • Color by Addition